10 Wonderful Gifts for Your Long Distance BFF

“We may not meet for months, or talk for weeks…but when we’re in the same space, it feels like nothing ever changed..!!!” This beautiful quote reminds me of of my long lost soul, my wonderful long distance BFF, the time we spent together and how much I miss her now..On that note I thought of sending her some sweet surprises in the form of interesting gifts and goodies..So I thought of sharing this sweet article on Β 10 Wonderful Gifts for Your Long Distance BFF.Β Because we exactly know just like us even you guys too would be missing your long distance BFF right at the moment. Take a look πŸ™‚

10 Wonderful Gifts for Your Long Distance BFF

1 . Keychain

Keychains are the simplest form of gift that any one can think of! So go ahead and plan either a customized one with your quirky quotes or a pair of keychains that the two of you can use inspite of living in two corners of the world! πŸ™‚

gifts for long distance best friend

2 . Mugs

Being Old School is fun!! Remember the days when you guys used to pile coffee mugs one after the other and even then there was no dearth to your gossips…Revive those good old days by gifting your buddy Coffee Mug and chit chatting by the side.

customized gifts online

3 . Bracelet

Who said Friendship bands and bracelets can be exchanged only during Friendship’s Day?? That’s a thing of the past…Give your BFF a sweet surprise by sending out a cozy bracelet which shall instantly remind her of you as well as the close bond you both share πŸ™‚

bracelet for BFF

  • Adorn her with a beautiful piece of bracelet from www.amazon.in

4 . Order some GoodΒ Food

What all memories come to your mind when you think about your pal together?? It has to be F-O-O-D!!! Whether it be tapri ki chai or canteen ka khana, for hostelites the thing that they crave most for is Ghar ka khana..So get going and commemorate the feeling of dining out together πŸ˜‰

order food online

  • Order food for him/her and have it together over a Skype call πŸ™‚ from www.foodpanda.co.in

5 . TattooΒ Love

During College days, if at all you guys decided to get similar tattoos then this is the time to implement those forgotten promises!! πŸ˜‰ Get inked together and flaunt in style πŸ™‚

matching tattoos

6 . Gift a Book

Gifting a book can never go out of style!! Gift your best friend a pleasing book or novel that she would love to read and remember you on and often!!

gifting books

  • Place an order for the interesting book right away at www.amazon.in

7 . Clothes

Miss your Weekend Shopping Time?? You can go ahead and send some classy clothes and goodies to your partner in crime..(P.S. Thanks to technology)

shopping for BFF

8 . Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are such a delight to receive!! This time around, give your bestie the privilege to receive one from your end πŸ˜‰

subscription box for long distance BFF

  • Visit www.sugarbox.in for further details and pick the best one for your best one πŸ™‚

9 . Music

If music runs through both of your’s veins then create your own playlist and gift one to your darling best friend as well..!! She’ll be pretty much overwhelmed by this act of your’s πŸ™‚

headphones for BFF

10 . Travel

Last but not the least, forget everything and travel your soul mate together to explore the precious bonds of friendship !!!

hanging out with BFF

BFF gifs

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