Holi Special Gift Ideas

The word Holi brings along a splash of colors in your mind!!! In case you are wondering how you can add more zing and liveliness in the lives of your near and dear ones then here we bring to you few  Holi Special Gift Ideas  which can be highly liked by you.

Giving gifts can be little confusing and repetitive at times but if you happen to take a close look distributing gifts can be fun too. Giving gifts is a warm gesture to express your feelings but giving the appropriate gift which the receiver is in need of can mean a lot at times 🙂 Given below are the simple and smart ways to make the festival of colors all the more special for You!!!

Holi Special Gift Ideas

1 . Music CD’s

A pack of CD’s filled with our own Bollywood peppy numbers can instantly fill the atmosphere with fun. The power packed Holi Special Songs drives a wild energy in the air..So swoon in to your favorites..“Balam Pichkari..Holi hai..” and a lot more..

holi special songs

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2 . Smoke Color bombs

The Color Bombs or the Smoke Color Bombs are the latest trends one can see now a days!! What’s more when it does not create any noise pollution, instead gives away a beautiful fountain of colors 🙂

smoke bombs

  • Let this Holi be unique in it’s own way by getting these pop colors from www.ebay.in

3 . Comforting Loofah

The ultimate thing you need to get off those obstinate colors in one go..!! Use a comforting Loofah with a nice shower gel and rinse off the color gently.

loofah set

4 . Scented Tissues

Keep yourself fresh and alive by using some of the best scented tissues through out the day. It shall not only keep you away from colors but also leaves a sweet fragrance at the end 🙂

tissue box

5 . Exotic Incense Stick

An Exotic incense stick can change the aura in the house. One can pick some unusual flavors such as  strawberry, musk or lemon scented incense.

incense sticks

  • De-stress yourself by using these exotic incense sticks all the way from www.flipkart.com

holi hai

Giftideaz team wishes all it’s viewers a very happy and safe Holi..!!!

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